become an itech of pcmotec in your area

Start your own business with no franchise high cost. become a pcmotec itech or pc tech in your area.

front store not necessary, you can use your house, room or meet customer somewhere else.

having a front store? also you are welcome.

  • did you fix an iphone and or ipad before

  • areyou  willing to meet customers in there location or in a public place to fix there devices or to pickup it

  • do you allow a third party to check your criminal record

  • are willing to pass a test for repair

  • are willing to publish your picture publicly on this web site

  • can you afford a starter kit off  $599 or $999 or $1499

That All what you need to become a pcmotec itech. become the itech of your neighborhood.

if you answer yes to all question above please contact us